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Front door refinishing is a popular service in Denver, as it allows homeowners to revitalize their homes’ entrances without the cost and hassle of replacing the doors altogether. At Door Renew in Denver, our team of professionals specializes in wood door refinishing and is skilled at giving your front door a fresh, new look through restaining and refinishing techniques. For more information about wood door refinishing and how Door Renew can help you provide your property with a boost, read on and schedule a free estimate today!

Everything To Know About Door Refinishing

The first step of our process in refinishing a door and ensuring it looks great is to prepare the surface. Our team starts by removing all the old paint, varnish, and other coatings using a paint stripper or sandpaper. Once the surface is clean and smooth, we begin to apply the lacquer.

Lacquer is a great choice for refinishing a door as it is easy to apply and offers a durable finish that lasts. When applying the lacquer, our Denver professionals use even strokes and make sure the entire surface is covered. We allow the lacquer to dry completely between coats, and apply as many coats as necessary to achieve an even, glossy finish. From there a sealant is applied as an extra layer of protection.

The Benefits of Door Refinishing in Denver

Refinishing a door is a great way to give an old door a new look and make it look as good as new. It is also an excellent sustainable alternative to replacing the door, as it avoids adding more waste and energy to the manufacturing process. With the right tools and a committed team of craftsmen, we deliver fantastic results with our wood door refinishing services.

Reimagine Expectations For Your Front Door

When done correctly, door refinishing can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your entrance, and can last for years with proper maintenance. One of the added benefits of restoring the look of a wood door is the ability to make a great impression on your neighbors. A freshly refinished front door can be a standout feature of your home, and can even improve the curb appeal of your entire neighborhood. Not only will your door look brand new, but the attention to detail and care put into the refinishing process will not go unnoticed. Show off your home’s new look and impress your neighbors with a professionally refinished front door.

Why Choose Door Renew in Denver?

We understand the importance of making sure your door looks its best and is durable enough to withstand the Denver climate. Our team takes the time to inspect the condition of your door before starting the refinishing process, and we take the necessary steps to make sure your door is properly prepared and sealed.

At Door Renew in Denver, our team of experts specializes in wood door refinishing and is dedicated to providing quality and lasting results. From start to finish, we use the best materials and tools to ensure a top-notch job. We also use a special lacquer finish that adds an extra layer of protection and helps to keep your door looking like new for years to come.

At Door Renew in Denver, our team of professionals is skilled in wood door refinishing and dedicated to providing quality results that last. From the initial preparation of the door surface to the final application of the protective sealant, we take the necessary steps to ensure your door looks its best. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and learn more about how our door refinishing services can benefit your home. Trust us to reimagine the expectations for your front door and make a great impression on your neighbors with a beautifully refinished entrance.

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