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Rhode Island may be relatively small, but is the perfect setting where history, beauty, and coastal charm converge. Residents of the Ocean State take pride in the unique character and timeless elegance that defines their homes. This is why many choose Door Renew Rhode Island as their understanding partner for beautiful residential and commercial door refinishing services. Read on and get an estimate today to learn more!

Rhode Island

The Spirit of Rhode Island

Just as Rhode Island residents embrace the tranquil beauty of the coastline, we at Door Renew Rhode Island embrace the opportunity to restore the natural beauty of your doors. With each wood door refinishing project, we carefully strip away the layers of time, weathering, and wear, revealing the hidden potential beneath. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, our skilled craftsmen unveil a fresh slate ready to be enhanced.

modern wooden door

The Art of Restoration

Our wood door refinishing process is an art form in itself. We start by delicately stripping away old finishes and blemishes, paying attention to every detail. With expert sanding techniques, we ensure a smooth and flawless surface, removing imperfections and creating the perfect canvas for the next steps. The application of high-quality stains and finishes is where the magic happens. We work with you to select the ideal color and tone that complements your home’s style, restoring your doors to look new.

Rhode Island

Preserving the Environment, Preserving History

Choosing door refinishing over replacement is not only a wise decision for your budget but also for the environment. By preserving and restoring your existing doors, we reduce waste and minimize the impact on our natural resources. Furthermore, if you live in a historic home, wood refinishing allows you to preserve the unique character and charm that comes with the original doors. Our craftsmen have an appreciation for the historical significance of these architectural elements and take great care in preserving their integrity.

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Customization to Suit Your Style

We offer a vast array of stains, finishes, and colors that are guaranteed to suit any style; whether you’re looking for a classic and refined look or are envisioning a modern and trendy statement, we use only the best-quality stains like Old Masters, Mohawk, and General Finishes to offer an exceptional, enduring finish that will leave your front door gleaming for years to come.

Rhode Island boasts many unique gems, from the picturesque coastline to the gorgeous architecture found throughout the state. We strive to make sure your front door is part of that beauty.  Let Door Renew Rhode Island bring out the beauty and charm of your doors, creating a welcoming and captivating atmosphere for your home or business.

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