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How Detroit’s Climate Impacts Front Doors

Detroit experiences a wide range of temperatures throughout the year. Summers can be hot and humid, with temperatures often exceeding 90°F while winters can be cold and snowy, with temperatures dropping well below freezing. These extreme temperature fluctuations can cause wood doors to expand and contract. During hot and humid summers, wood doors may absorb…

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Detroit’s Door Renewal Process

The city of Detroit has always been a testament to resilience and reinvention. From the roar of the automobile industry to the lively beats of Motown, Detroit’s spirit is one of transformation and revival. In this iconic city where history and modernity converge, one aspect often overlooked is the beauty that graces its homes and…

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Revive, Restore, & Reap the Rewards With Door Renew Detroit

Just like the iconic skyline and diverse neighborhoods that define Detroit, your front door serves as a distinctive expression of your home’s character. As a representation of your individuality and style, it’s crucial to maintain a striking entrance. At Door Renew Detroit, we are here to help you preserve your wood doors and make a…

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Add value to your Detroit home with door refinishing.

How Door Refinishing Adds Value to Your Detroit Home

The spirit of resilience and innovation runs deep in the motor city. Just like the iconic automobiles that roll off the assembly lines, your Detroit home is a testament to craftsmanship and character. Every detail matters, including your front door. As the gateway to your home, it sets the tone for what lies beyond. At…

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Detroiters, Why Replace Your Door When You Can Refinish?

As the largest city in the state of Michigan and home to a unique culture and history all its own, Detroit has a lot to offer. From iconic landmarks to diverse neighborhoods like Midtown, Detroit is a city of character. When it comes to the character of your property, why settle for replacing your door…

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