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restaurant with red door

Wood Door Refinishing for Commercial Spaces: Enhancing Business Aesthetics

As a business owner, ensuring that your commercial space looks appealing and professional is crucial. One often overlooked aspect of enhancing your business’s aesthetics is the condition of your doors. Wood door refinishing with Door Renew is a smart solution that can significantly elevate the appearance of your commercial space. In this blog, we will…

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Inside Door Renew’s Services

Your home and business deserve the finest care, and Door Renew franchises are here to provide it. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your front door, elevate your business image, or breathe new life into treasured furniture, Door Renew craftsmen can help you turn your vision into reality. As a wood restoration company, Door Renew offers…

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Blue door exterior

Should I Replace or Refinish My Front Door?

At its best, your front door possesses an enchanting charm, designed to usher in friends and family. However, over time, even the most magnificent doors can lose their splendor. When this becomes noticeable, you may be tempted to completely replace your entrance with a new door that comes fully equipped to impress. But pause for…

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Interior entry area with a beautiful wooden door

Avoid the Headache and Heartache of DIY, Hire a Professional

The allure of saving money and taking home improvement projects into your own hands can be tempting. Completing a DIY project can bring a sense of accomplishment by taking on the role of a professional and single-handedly adapting your home to your vision. However, not all tasks are created equal, and attempting a DIY project…

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Closeup of wooden door with black hardware

4 Reasons to Trust Door Renew With Your Project

If you’re considering refurbishing your front door, choosing the best company to treat your wood door with the care and attention it deserves can be difficult. At Door Renew, we specialize in only one thing – wood door refinishing. This way, you can be absolutely sure you’re working with a team who cares and is…

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