How Atlanta Aces the Door Refinishing Process

Interior view of a wooden front door with glass accent window

Known as the “Capital of the South,” Atlanta is a bustling metropolis. From its hot summers to its mild winters, Georgia’s largest city is perfectly designed to spend time outside. When your neighbors are out and about, ensure that your home greets them with the same Southern hospitality that defines the city. Wooden front doors are a great way to infuse warmth and charm into your home’s exterior. Their timeless elegance and natural beauty not only enhance your curb appeal but also create a welcoming first impression.

Unfortunately, wooden exteriors can face some challenges in the climate of Atlanta. With humidity and a subtropical atmosphere, mother nature can cause wood doors to experience unsightly changes. For instance, high humidity levels may lead to swelling or warping, while intense sun exposure can cause paint to peel and finishes to deteriorate. Door Renew Atlanta can help you combat these issues, however. Keep reading to learn more about our refinishing process that keeps homes and businesses inviting and charming.

Closeup of a person applying wood putty to a surface

Repairing Swelling and Warping

Our door restoration company in Atlanta begins all of our projects by assessing the wood’s current condition, noting any signs of swelling, warping, or damage caused by the humid subtropical weather. Swelling and warping can be addressed with the use of wood fillers and adhesives. For instance, at Door Renew, we will use these tools by precisely applying them to affected areas, restoring the door’s integrity and preventing further distortion. It is a delicate procedure because our goal is to restore the wood’s original look, so we can’t be loose and lax. With your door’s shape restored, we ensure it fits seamlessly in its frame. The goal is not just to fix the visible issues but to guarantee that the door functions smoothly, providing the security and charm it’s meant to deliver.

Closeup of person sanding a door

Sanding Down the Details

Once the door is structurally sound, we move on to sanding. This step helps achieve a smooth and even surface, removing any imperfections and preparing the wood for a fresh finish. Some of the most common warts we encounter during this process include uneven surfaces, paint blemishes, and minor dents. In a renewal process that reverses the hands of time, we erase these eyesores. As the sandpaper glides, it reveals the wood’s potential for a remarkable metamorphosis.

View of a porch and wooden front door

Finishing Touches

The final strokes of our craftsmen’s process are coated with a finish or lacquer. These protective coatings form a strong layer over the wood’s surface and serve as a shield against environmental factors that can harm the wood, such as moisture, UV rays, temperature fluctuations, and physical wear and tear. As a resilient guardian, the finish preserves the door’s newfound beauty and ensures it endures Atlanta’s future climate challenges.

Person holding a cut-out leaf in front of trees so that the trees fill out the leaf shape

Commitment to the Ecosystem

At Door Renew Atlanta, we are committed to eco-friendliness at every stage of the wood refinishing process. We use low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) chemicals that have minimal environmental impact. Low-VOC products release fewer harmful emissions into the air, creating a healthier indoor and outdoor environment. This aligns with the choice to restore wood doors instead of replacing them. Replacing your entrance is a wasteful decision as it not only consumes more resources but also generates unnecessary waste. The old doors end up in landfills, contributing to our growing environmental challenges.

Whether you’re a proud homeowner looking to infuse warmth into your curb appeal or a business owner aiming to create a welcoming first impression, Door Renew Atlanta is here for you. Your doors are the embodiment of your home’s character and the heart of your business. With us, your doors will continue to greet Atlanta with the same Southern hospitality that defines this extraordinary city.

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