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Your home and business deserve the finest care, and Door Renew franchises are here to provide it. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your front door, elevate your business image, or breathe new life into treasured furniture, Door Renew craftsmen can help you turn your vision into reality. As a wood restoration company, Door Renew offers sustainable services while helping you transform the look and feel of your property. Read on to learn more about the services and processes that define our franchises!

Give Your Home a Facelift

Your front door is more than an entrance — it’s a statement. Our residential door refinishing services help you stay proud of what your front door says about you. For instance, a classic deep mahogany can exude timeless elegance, while a bright, welcoming color can mirror your vibrant personality. But the messages portrayed by these wooden entrances can get misconstrued over time. When weather and time start to impact this narrative, it’s like an artist’s masterpiece slowly fading under the relentless sun. Just as a skilled art restorer delicately revives a painting to reveal its original brilliance, our experts at Door Renew breathe life back into your door.

This is a more eco-friendly approach than a complete door replacement. Think about it as rejuvenation, a second chance for a part of your home that has greeted you and your guests for years. While a complete replacement may seem like a straightforward solution, it comes at a significant cost – not just financially, but also environmentally. The production, transportation, and installation of a new door contribute to carbon emissions and resource consumption.

Elevating First Impressions

First impressions matter, especially for businesses. Our commercial door refinishing service elevates the exterior of your establishment, making a statement that resonates with clients and customers. Beyond the functional aspect of doors, we recognize their role in shaping perceptions. Through careful craftsmanship that preserves the integrity of your wood door and enhances its aesthetic appeal, Door Renew franchises can help your business showcase its professionalism.

Our door restoration process includes an assessment of your entrance’s condition so we can better understand its characteristics and potential challenges. To refine and repair the wood’s maladies, the Door Renew team strips away old finishes, cleans the surface, and bolsters the door’s raw beauty with an array of high-quality stains, paints, and finishes. With the perfect palette at your disposal, you can curate this process to align with your brand identity.

Refinishing Wood Furniture

Furniture shares stories — of family gatherings, cherished memories, and shared laughter. Our furniture refinishing service restores these narratives, allowing your beloved pieces to regain their former glory. From antique dressers to modern coffee tables, our skilled artisans carefully strip, sand, and refinish, unveiling the wood’s innate beauty and ensuring your furniture remains a timeless treasure.

Refinishing Wood Tables

Tables are the heart of gatherings, conversations, and meals. With so many memories and moments etched into their surfaces, they become more than just pieces of furniture – they are witnesses to laughter, shared stories, and connections that span generations. These steadfast companions bear the marks of celebrations and everyday life, reminding us of the joy that comes from coming together. At Door Renew, we understand the significance of these tables, and our refinishing service aims to honor their role by restoring their beauty and ensuring they continue to be the backdrop for countless more meaningful experiences.

Don’t settle for the ordinary — let Door Renew transform your doors, furniture, and spaces into extraordinary works of art. When you choose Door Renew, you are choosing a passionate, expert team that is committed to you. Your story is waiting to be retold — let us help you tell it.


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