Why Replace Your Door When You Can Refinish?

Why Replace Your Door When You Can Refinish blog

When it comes to updating the look of your home, many people consider replacing their front door. But why go through the hassle and expense of replacing your door when you can refinish it instead? At Door Renew, we specialize in front door refinishing, wood door refinishing, and exterior door refinishing, allowing you to give your door a fresh new look without the cost and hassle of replacement. Read on and contact your local Door Renew franchise to get started!

Cost Savings

One of the main benefits of refinishing your door is the cost savings. Replacing a front door can be expensive, especially if you opt for a high-end material like wood or fiberglass. On the other hand, refinishing your door is a much more affordable option. Refinishing a door involves sanding down the existing door and applying a fresh coat of paint or stain to give it a new look. This process can be done quickly and easily and is much more cost-effective than replacing the door. By restaining or repainting your existing door, you can achieve a new look without breaking the bank.

Superior Door Quality

If you’re looking to replace your old wooden door but don’t want to sacrifice the quality or craftsmanship, then refinishing your door is the way to go. New manufactured wood doors are made of inferior materials, they lack the superior craftsmanship of older wooden doors. Refinishing your wooden door will ensure it retains its quality and can add years of life to the door. We make the process of refinishing your unique wooden door easy and will little down time. So don’t let the cost of a new door deter you from preserving your old one. Refinish and enjoy the superior craftsmanship today.


Add Character

In addition to the cost savings, refinishing your door allows you to retain the original character and charm of your home. If you live in an older home with a unique or ornate door, replacing it with a new one may not capture the same character and charm. Wood door restoration allows you to preserve the original beauty of your door while giving it a fresh new look.


Another advantage of refinishing your door is the ability to customize the finish to your liking. At Door Renew, we offer a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect look for your home. Whether you want a classic wood finish or a bold and colorful door, we have something for everyone.

Durable Protection

Refurbishing your front door also has practical benefits. Over time, doors can become worn and damaged due to exposure to the elements and everyday wear and tear. Refinishing your door can help to repair any damage and protect it from further wear, ensuring that it looks great and functions properly for years to come.

In line with this benefit is also the fact that door restorations are also more eco-friendly than replacements. Not only do our refinishing projects provide lasting protection, but they also require fewer resources. Replacing a door requires a lot of energy and resources, whereas refinishing a door only requires a few materials. This means that it is a much more sustainable option for your home.


If you’re considering updating the look of your home, don’t overlook the benefits of refinishing your front door. Contact Door Renew today to learn more about our door refinishing services.

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